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  Welcome to Tantra, an Aveda Spa.
  We offer services for men, women and teens in a cozy, private setting, and us Aveda's pure plant and flower derived products in all of our services. Our mission at Tantra is to create a calming environment and to provide you, our guest, with relaxing, blissful and unforgettable services by individuals that really care... because it's all about you.

When you walk into Tantra, you're immediately transported to a truly magical place and your sensory adventure begins. Aromas from nature fill the air and you feel relaxed and carefree. The color palette and beautiful tapestries embrace  and welcome you. Organic herbal tea comforts you, and your journey into a blissful state begins. Your body and mind begin to take in the constant soothing rhythm of nature sounds and slow earthy grooves, and the power of touch takes you to a far away place.

  Yvette Tremaine, owner and esthetician. I have worked in the skin care industry for 13 years and opened Tantra Spa in December 2002. I really never saw it coming, it just happened very gracefully. I am: a caregiver, Mom and photographer. I love: twilight, hammocks, quiet mornings, campfires, my Brit, herbs and remedies, Al Green, dancing, anything about the 70's, my dogs, the beach, Elton John, the U.P, a simple life and lemonade stands.

Lola Stoyanovitch is an Esthetician and graduate of Douglas J. Aveda Academy in Ann Arbor.

Growing up in Northern Michigan made her appreciate the outdoors and all of its pursuits, from Lake Michigan iceberg hiking to cornfield adventures. She loves yummy essential oils, aromas that enthrall the senses and organic, local products that surprise and delight her. Lola loves to feel the earth beneath her feet in her new fiver finger shoes and the sensation of every new season. At the spa, she loves to hear the stories that her clients share and to make each visit a customized adventure.


Heather Gumm is a licensed esthetician and 2000 graduate of Michigan College of Beauty. She has been in the customer service and skin care industry for over 12 years with jobs ranging from a laser technician to management positions only recently returning to the spa industry which she believes is truly her calling. There is nothing more rewarding than making someone feel good. Heather's favorite part of the job is meeting new people everyday and all their individual stories.

She loves making people laugh, chocolate, coffee, yoga, knick knacks, house plants and spending time with her pets!

  Jen Bonello has been licensed as an esthetician since 2010. As a graduate from Douglas J Aveda Institute, she is an Aveda girl and proud of it!

Jen has been married to her best friend for 5 years and has two beautiful children. Her daughter, Chloe, is five and her son, Caden, is one and when she's not working Jen spends all of her time with them and enjoys watching them grow up right before her eyes.

In the future Jen hopes to continue working as an esthetician and to study massage therapy.

  Nicole Wrona-Grand is a licensed cosmetologist since 1994. She started her massage journey shortly after and graduated from Irene's Myomassology institute in 1996. In 1997 she traveled to Thailand and studied Thai massage. Health and wellness is a very large part of Nicole's life along with being kind to others and to the planet. Her future goals are to study Craniosacral massage and Rolfing.
  Karianne Hollowell graduated from the Health Enrichment Center in 2007 and became Nationally Certified in 2009. Massage Therapy is one of the ways in which she maintains a healthy lifestyle, as also practices yoga, enjoys the outdoors, is a musician and artist, has a Level 1 in Reiki, and is in Graduate School for Art Therapy.

Karianne believes that Massage Therapy can increase mind/body awareness, help manage stress, improve health and the overall quality of life. Her goals are to learn craniosacral, earn her Master Level in Reiki, and integrate many modalities of healing including massage, art, music, and meditation.
  Susan M. Webster is a NATIONALLY CERTIFIED MASSAGE THERAPIST. She is fortunate to have had a varied education in massage therapy: professional training from mentors with over 20 years experience, to a 750 hour clinical massage therapy program (Soma Institute). Even after 18 years in this field, she adheres to the philosophy: the more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is to learn and respectfully apply this at the beginning of each massage; knowing each person is different and there to receive a massage suited to their specific needs.
  Molly Novack has been doing manicures and pedicures for 25 years, and most recently added Reflexologist to that list. She's very passionate about natural healing and loves the idea of helping someone balance their mind, body, and spirit, through touching their feet.

Molly loves Sedona, Bohemian Beach, Leland, coffee, the 3 Johns (Denver, Mayer and Lennon), the Dirt Bros., any song written by Mike Novack, and a good glass of red wine with some really good Italian food. But her favorite thing is, when her husband, son, dog, and she are all home sitting by the fire.
  what clients have to say about Tantra Spa
  " It's so private and personal" Kim
" I love the cozy, intimate setting " Lori
" That was the best facial I ever had " Brian
" I've never felt this relaxed " Theresa
" It was like a beautiful dance on my skin " Sheila
" I'm gobsmacked! " Dianna
" This is an Oasis " Jeff
" You're masterful " Lisa
 " This is Ferndale's best kept secret " Suzy
" My skin was smiling, my soul was smiling, my feet were smiling" Kathy
What will you say?

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